Paper on Odour Regulations Worldwide available for free

Paper mpdi published   The well known media Atmosphere from MDPI has finally published the paper titled “Summary and Overview of the Odour Regulations Worldwide”, written by 18 authors from Canada, Spain, USA, Poland, New Zealand, Austria, France, UK, Italy, Chile, Belgium, Colombia, China, Germany, the Netherlands and Japan. This paper was commenced in early 2016, and the authors have had over 50 (virtual) meetings at different daylight zones along these 4 years of work.

   As you may know, the editors of this website have been working on this paper. The paper was growing and growing with contributions and authors, with revisions and with a never ending discussion part. Finally, in 2020 the paper was ready to be presented in the peer reviewed scientific magazine MDPI, and the 3rd February 2021, it was finally published.

   This article is open access thanks to the support and funding of the Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station (for J.A.K.): project number IOW05556 (Future Challenges in Animal Production Systems: Seeking Solutions through Focused Facilitation, sponsored by Hatch Act and State of Iowa funds) and the International Environmental Association of Odour Managers (AMIGO) that alloted some resources under the project D-NOSES (Distributed Network for Odour Sensing Empowerment and Sustainability) funded by the European Union’s HORIZON 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 789315.

   Enjoy this full paper (and the supplementary material) here:


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Cyntia Izquierdo