About Us

 The registered trademark and the website Olores.org belongs to the company Ambiente et Odora S.L. In the picture below you see Carlos Nietzsche Diaz, Cyntia Izquierdo and Ainhoa Antón. For any question, doubt or suggestion, you may contact us either by post to our office located in calle Uribitarte, 6, planta baja, 48001, Bilbao, Spain, or by e-mail to info@olores.org.

   Olores.org was started in 2003 by Carlos who continues to serve as the principal author in many articles published on olores.org each year. A common misconception is that olores.org has a whole team of writers and significant resources like other publications, but that's not unfortunately the case, we are just three: Cyntia, Carlos and Ainhoa.




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