A new software suite, PlumeMapper, has been recently introduced to simplify collecting and analyzing ambient odour data. Air Environment developed this tool to streamline field surveys, replacing traditional pen-and-paper methods with mobile and desktop platforms.

   PlumeMapper offers users a user-friendly solution, eliminating manual transcription errors and providing easy access to data stored in the cloud. Key features include adherence to established standards such as European EN16841, tailored forms created by Air Quality Experts, and advanced filtering options for data analysis.

   Researchers and experts in the field of artificial olfaction are invited to contribute their insights and discoveries to a special issue of Sensors journal focusing on Electronic Nose (eNose) technology. Spearheaded by Prof. Dr. Jesus Lozano, Dr. Antonio Ruiz-Canales, and Dr. Patricia Arroyo, this special issue seeks to explore the latest advancements in Instrumental Odour Monitoring Systems (IOMS) technology and its applications.

The call for papers encompasses various aspects of eNose technology, including:

   The team developing the high-resolution model system GRAMM/GRAL, inside the Institute of Thermodynamics and Sustainable Propulsion Systems at Graz University of Technology, has just released the new version 23.11.

   GRAL 23.11 has been compiled for .NET 8!
- The GRAL release is no longer published as an all-in-one file by default. This means that the user must install the .NET8 Runtime!
- For Windows users, a published version as a single-file is still available in a separate download!

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