Ton WG41  In May 2015 the decision was made, by a positive vote in Technical Committee 264 ‘Air Quality” of the Committee Européen de Normalisation (CEN), to establish a preliminary work item “Air quality – Continuous instrumental odorant monitoring in air to assess risks of odour (nuisance) and safety” which was entrusted to working group WG41 "Electronic sensors for odorant monitoring" for a period of 6 years starting on 2015-05-12. The Dutch member of CEN, NEN, was assigned the secretariat and the author of this article was appointed as convenor.

  The first meeting of WG41 was held on the 22nd of October 2015 in Antwerp. After 20 meetings over 6 years, we have come to the end of the time assigned without presenting a final draft standard for voting to the TC 264 “Air Quality.

Astigarraga    The Ondarroa WWTP receives wastewater with a very high salt load due to marine intrusion and discharges from canning industries. The high levels of SH2 in the network and in the WWTP cause serious problems of safety, odour and equipment degradation. To solve this, action has been taken in the network, reducing the contribution of sulphates at source by separating networks, reprogramming pumping and improving the management of waste from the canneries.

    At the WWTP, the water sheets have been confined, the filter presses have been replaced by centrifuges, the interior ventilation has been modelled using CFD and deodorisation has been installed consisting of two stages (biotrickling + activated carbon) for the confined atmospheres and one stage (activated carbon) for the ambient air.

Gral gui222   The well known Graz Lagrangian particle model (GRAL) system developers, with a free Graphic User Interface (GUI) available in both Linux and Windows, have released the new GRAL and GUI version 22.03 with plenty of bug fixes and new features.

   According to developers, systematic refactoring will improve the prevention of such bugs in the future, as the readability and maintainability of the code has increased significantly.

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