IEEE looks for Standardization Volunteers

IEEE2021   The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has launched a new open call for experts to participate in several new standards related to Olfaction Devices. The organization is asking for volunteers to contribute to three new standards that will have a strong focus on specific applications of these devices.

      The IEEE is looking for volunteers for several roles. Volunteers with experience in IEEE standards development can join a sponsoring entity’s Standards Committee (IEEE Sensors Council and/or IEEE Industrial Electronics Society) which requires a commitment of about one hour per month (yearly appointments).


  • IEEE P2520.2.1 Standard for Machine Olfaction Devices and Systems Used for General Outdoor Odor Monitoring - This standard specifies a step-wise approach with test methods for performance verification of machine olfaction systems and devices that are designed to monitor outdoor odors. [Chair: Ehsan Danesh]
  • IEEE P2520.4.1 Standard for Performance of Machine Olfaction Devices and Systems for Chemical Manufacture - This standard defines a set of standard tests to determine the performance of machine olfaction devices and systems in the context of chemical manufacturing processes for monitoring production processes and emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in exhaust gases. [Chair: Susana Palma]
  • IEEE P2520.1 Standard for Baseline Performance for Odor Analysis Devices and Systems - This standard provides testing methods and conformance processes to ensure that odor analysis devices and systems achieve reliable and reproducible baseline performance appropriate for general volatile organic compound (VOC)/odor monitoring and assessment applications. [Chair: James Covington]

   Kick-off meetings for each group will take place virtually on February the 8th, 17th and 22nd, respectively.

   People with expertise in the technology and application area for these kind of devices will be invited to join the groups. If you are interested in learning more about (or joining) this standardization effort, you may register here for IEEE 25201.2.1 Standard, here for IEEE P2520.4.1 Standard and here for IEEE P2520.1 Standard.


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