Published preprint of a Summary and Evaluation of the Odour Regulations Worldwide

preprint worldwide odour regulation2020   The story of thie paper commenced in early 2016. At that time Ms. Anna Bokowa contacted 4 authors with experience on odour management, to write a small summary of odour regulations in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and a few countries of Europe. The Idea was to present this paper at a conference that she was organizing in Gdańsk, Poland. Soon these authors realized that the task was not minor and more European authors were added in order to have a more detailed picture of the odour regulations in this continent. This paper was presented in MKO2016, however, the authors agreed that a more overall view was needed. That is why authors from some other countries with relevant odour regulations in South America, and Asia were added.

   In total, 18 authors from Canada, Spain, USA, Poland, New Zealand, Austria, France, UK, Italy, Chile, Belgium, Colombia, China, Germany, the Netherlands and Japan have had over 50 (virtual) meetings at different daylight zones along 4 years of work. Many passionate discussions have been held along the years and many attempts have been made in order to homogenize the different views and stiles of the writing of the paper, (unsuccessfully, as pointed out by the reviewers ;-). Finally, the last draft was delivered, and now it is being reviews by experts. The preprint is available to everyone here.

   Many things have happened along the years, soon in 2017 an excellent  review about worldwide odour regulations was published in 2017 in the Journal Chemosphere (Brancher et al., 2017) which made the group to think about the idea of calling off this initiative after a couple of years of meetings. Many discussions were held on the need of another paper over legislation. An analysis of that paper made the group think that another point of view could be given, also, some regulations in some countries had already changed after the publication of this paper.

  Also in 2018 and 2019 more authors from other countries were added and some more discussions were held with the newcomers. The paper was growing and growing with contributions and authors, with revisions and with a never ending discussion part. Finally, in 2020 the paper was considered to be ready to be presented in a peer reviewed scientific magazine. The well known media Atmosphere from MDPI was selected and here you have finally the first preprint.

Brancher, M., K.D. Griffiths, D. Franco, H. de Melo Lisboa (2017) A review of odour impact criteria in selected countries around the world. Chemosphere, 168, 1531-1570


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