A Visit to the Facilities of ECOMA in Honigsee, Germany

ecoma olfatec   In January of this year, olores.org visited to the facilities of St Croix Sensory in Lake Elmo, Minessota, USA. A few months later, we have gone to Germany to visit the facilities of ECOMA, a company that produces and sells the TO olfactometers all over the world.  

   On a fresh morning at the end of the summer, nearby the beautiful maritime city of Kiel, Germany, a visit to the facilities of the company ECOMA was arranged.  This company has an experience of over 30 years in the field of odour measurement, and nowadays, is world leader in sells of the known TO series dynamic olfactometers. Therewith, ECOMA advises companies, multinationals and governments in issues related with odour pollution.   

   From a few years ago, also, testing of materials for different industries is performed by its filial OLFATEC. In this manner, the main German car-makers, tests diverse types of materials in the installations of OLFATEC, so that they can check if they are odourless, or free of annoying odours.   In ECOMA offices, there is a small corner museum, where different versions of the olfactometers initially developed by Mr. Mannebeck Senior. There, the first TO1 olfactometer (static olfactometer with a single dilution port) and its evolution throughout the time can be seen.

Old olfactometer TO Series
 Small museum of old olfactometers TO series

  Managing director, Simon Rützel-Grünberg speaks about the different projects that the ECOMA team has performed in numerous places all over the world and he comments some anecdotes in works in countries like Rusia, Saudi Arabia, etc. 

   Nowadays, the company has three partners and shareholders (Dietmar and Bettina Mannebeck and also Simon Rützel-Grünberg) and personal devoted to the construction and assembling of the olfactometers, test of materials, dispersion modelling and development of new elements to sample and measure odours. 

Simon Rützel-Grünberg, Bettina Mannebeck and Dietmar Mannebeck
 From left to right in this picture the three partners of ECOMA (Simon Rützel-Grünberg, Bettina Mannebeck and Dietmar Mannebeck.)

   We would finally like to thank to all the ECOMA personal for the kindness and attention paid to us.

   For more information about this company, you can visit the following site.




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