Leading providers of olfactometers and odour testing and consultancy Ecoma, Odournet and OLFAtec join forces

Ecoma GmbH, Odournet group and OLFAtec GmbH,  leading  providers of environmental odour management services, product testing and instruments for odour measurement are merging to become fully integrated within the international Odournet group.

The new merged group of companies will:

  • Be the largest specialist consultancy exclusively dedicated to environmental odour management and odour assessment
  • Have a portfolio of thousands of studies in all odour relevant sectors of the economy, and experience built up through activities in this field for 30 years
  • Employ over 50 specialist staff, operate five accredited olfactometry laboratories, one high resolution GC-MS laboratory and a dedicated facility for testing odours of products and materials
  • Continue to offer the current lines of TO8 and Olfacton olfactometry instruments and providing continued technical support for both olfactometers 
  • Establish a combined R&D and product support team for olfactometry applications
  • Offer the capability of OLFAtec in sensory testing and  odours of products and materials through all Odournet offices in  Germany, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Spain and México

The ISO17020 accredited QA/QC services provided by OLFAtec, such as the proficiency testing of odour laboratories according to EN13725, will safeguard the confidentiality of results by contracting an independent coding entity thereby guaranteeing anonymity of interlaboratory comparison test results.

The management and staff of the branch offices of the group will remain unchanged. Simon Rützel-Grünberg, currently director at OLFAtec, will join the board of directors of Odournet Holding.
It was great to see broad smiles on the faces of all stakeholders once agreement was reached on this meticulously prepared merger. The enlarged Odournet team is looking forward to providing the best possible services in sensory assessment to all existing and new clients.

http://www.ecoma.de/   http://www.odournet.com/   http://www.olfactec.de/

For any queries regarding this merger, please contact Simon Rützel-Grünberg (srg@odournet.com ) or Ton van Harreveld (ton@odournet.com)  or Frans Vossen (fvossen@odournet.com )

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