A new software suite, PlumeMapper, has been recently introduced to simplify collecting and analyzing ambient odour data. Air Environment developed this tool to streamline field surveys, replacing traditional pen-and-paper methods with mobile and desktop platforms.

   PlumeMapper offers users a user-friendly solution, eliminating manual transcription errors and providing easy access to data stored in the cloud. Key features include adherence to established standards such as European EN16841, tailored forms created by Air Quality Experts, and advanced filtering options for data analysis.

42 003    In the Flemish legislation, no odour assessment framework is implemented, despite that odour-related permit applications require the inclusion of an odour impact study. For livestock farming, odour emission factors, derived from olfactometric measurements (ouE), are widely used. Contrastingly, the available assessment tools, based on earlier odour impact research, utilize sniffing measurements (se).

   To allow comparison between the two units of odour, it is assumed that 1 ouE equals 1 se. For most groups of livestock animals with a rather constant growth cycle (e.g. pigs), this comparison is deemed valid and suitable for evaluating the odour impact. However, the theoretical assessment of broiler chicken emissions can be questioned, as the olfactometric emission factor of 0.33 ouE/s.animal results in almost no odour impact.


MZacarias   Chile is a country that has different industrial activities generating annoying odors for the communities that live in the surroundings. It seeks to determine the area of impact caused by odors, for which measurements are made with suitable panelists (according to the established in the chilean normative NCh3190: 2010).

   To determine the area of impact, plume measurements are made in accordance to VDI 3940 part 2. On the other hand, the mathematical model of atmospheric dispersion CALPUFF fed with emissions measured by dynamic olfactometry is applied.

A.Ulloa and M.Zacarías

Condell 1415-1104, Providencia Santiago, Chile.
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