Meeting of the IWA Odours and Volatile Emissions group

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meeting odour specialist group hangzhou 2019   The 14th of October a representation of the IWA Odours and Volatile Emissions specialist group met in Hangzhou, China, to discuss several issues related to the organization of the event. In addition, some proposals were made to host next IWA 2021 Odour and VOCs Conference.

   A small but significant group met during the conference in Hangzhou to discuss several issues related to the organization of the conference. This meeting was chaired by Mr Witherspoon, and Mr Liu acted as secretary. The idea was to have some general comments and impressions about the conference in Hangzhou and to discuss future improvements. In addition, some proposals for the next city to host the event were presented.

A successful IWA odour and VOC conference in Hangzhou, China

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IWA odours 2019 hanzhou

    The 8th IWA conference on odour and VOC/air emissions took place in the beautiful city of Hangzhou in China. This very well organized event attracted many people from different parts of the world to learn a bit more about odour management. Many interesting papers and posters were presented during this event. 

   According to the organizers, around 150 people gathered for three days in the beautiful city of Hangzhou in China to discuss the latest development on odour and VOC control. The opening keynote speeches were given by the very much well known Richard Stuetz, Jay Witherspoon and Mel Suffet, so the conference could not have a better start.

The next NOSE2020 will be held in Sicily, Italy

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nose2020   The next NOSE-series conference, that will be the 7th International Conference on Environmental Odour Monitoring & Control, will be held from 13 to 16 September 2020 in Sicily, Italy.

   The call for abstracts for this important European conference on odour management, NOSE2020, organized by the Italian Association of Chemical Engineering has just begun and it will be open until the 15th December 2019.

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