CEN WG2 dealing with EN 13725 moving forward

cen website   Last 8th of September took place the 17th meeting of the CEN Technical Committee 264, Working Group 2 that is dealing with the revision of the EN 13725. This meeting took place virtually over the morning of that day. As usual in standardization, many important issues that were left to the end have been addressed. That means that many important decisions have been taken at this stage.

   EN 13725 final draft is ready and there is left just the correction of some formulas in an Annex and some minor text corrections and references. Many important decisions have been taken at the very last moment, as it also happened in the previous meeting.

   For example, the 30-min sampling time requirement that was in the text was finally removed. The German delegation commented that in Germany this is anyway a requirement and there is a German standard for that, so for the rest of Europe, this will not be compulsory unless there is a specific national standard as it is happening in Germany and probably in the Netherlands once the NTA 9065 is finally approved. 

   A procedure to get Secondary Odour Reference Mass (SROM) have been described and a method to find new SROMs is finally added.

   This is an example of the many decisions taken along the 1-day online meeting. It is not the aim here to describe every single decision taken during the meeting cause there you have the minutes for that. Please ask your National Accreditation body to join these discussions and to have access to the repository of documents.

  There are just 7 actions left and the hundreds of comments presented by all EU member organizations have been addressed. A formal reply is on its way and the final text will be ready for approval... next year.


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