New UNE 77270 Standard Building collaborative odour maps through citizen science

   UNE, the Spanish standardisation body, published the final document last week, approving the new UNE 77270 Standard Building collaborative odour maps through citizen science. So from now on, Spain has a new Standard, the first one based on citizen science, this time for odour mapping, which sets a precedent at international level.

   The new Standard is available on the AENOR website at a price of 106 € for all those entities, companies or individuals interested in its purchase (in Spanish).

   This standard has been developed by the Technical Committee for Standardisation 77 of the Environment, specifically CTN 77/SC 2/GT 1 - Odour nuisance mapping, during 5 years of work.

   We remind you that the presentation of the publication of the UNE 77270 Standard will be held in Barcelona on 6 November, at the Lleialtat Santsenca, from 11:00 to 14:00, and whose free registration is already open to the general public, by prior registration, due to capacity limitations.

   Update: In case you cannot attend this presentation, here you have the link to watch the event online (unfortutanely, just in Spanish):


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Cyntia Izquierdo

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