3-day CALPUFF training course will be held in Boulder, Colorado

TRC is pleased to announce a 3-day CALPUFF training course will be held in Boulder, Colorado on August 11-13, 2009. 

Boulder, Colorado – August 11-13, 2009
3-day course with advanced topics
Courtyard by Marriott Boulder
4710 Pearl East Circle
Boulder, CO  80301
Instructors:  Joseph S. Scire and Jenny Barclay 

CALPUFF is a Guideline Model recommended for regulatory use by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and other international regulatory agencies.  CALPUFF is used in a wide variety of applications by registered users in over 105 countries throughout the world.  In the training course, the various applications of the model will be described, including the use of CALPUFF for the prediction of ambient pollutant concentrations, visibility impacts, and wet/dry deposition analyses.  The model’s application to near-field (few tens of meters) and far-field problems (hundreds of kilometers) will be presented.   There are substantial new developments in the CALPUFF Graphical User Interface (GUI) called CALPRO Plus.  This includes model evaluation software, back trajectory analysis, new plotting capabilities including the development of Google Earth-compatible displays with overlaying concentration contours and 3-dimensional buildings and stacks.  For more information on  the modeling system and the Boulder course see our web site (http://www.src.com/calpuff/schedule.htm).

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