Several interesting news have happened along this month, all of them deserve a special look and a long article, which will be done in later dates. The summary is the following:

  • The Seminar About Odours In The Indoor And Outdoor Environment (Gerüche In Der Umwelt Innenraum- Und Aussenluft) in Bad Kissingen, Germany was a success. Apart from the very interesting talks given by well known speakers, a good selection of posters was exhibited and the new version of the OdourNet olfactometer (Olfacton) was presented. We will write more about this Seminar soon.

Bad Kissingen

  • A new Law about Air Quality and Protection of the Atmosphere has been published in the official bulletin of Spain the 15th of November after several years of efforts and several drafts that does not have resemblance with the final text. This law can be downloaded here. (unfortunately just in Spanish). This Law does not mention the Word “odour” in the whole text… In addition, the 1961 Reglament of Annoying, Noxious, Insalubrious and Dangerous Activities (which regulated a buffer distance for odour-emitting activities) has been derogated.
  • Another news, positive this time, is the coming IWA 3rd IWA international conference on odours and VOCs – measurement, regulation & control techniques. This will be the first time it is in Europa after other events in Sydney and Singapore, and it will come to Spain. This conference is scheduled for the 8th and 10th of October 2008 in Barcelona. More information can be read here.
  • Last but not least, there is another important international conference in Rome from the 6th to the 8th of July 2008. The NOSE 2008 (International Conference on Environmental Odour Monitoring and Control). To read more about this you can click in this link.
  • Another very important event related with farming and odour control is Eurotier. This Fair is supported by the DLG (German Agricultural Society). This year, results of some tests performed for different odour abatement devices (biofilters, scrubbers, etc...) were presented. Eurotier 2008 is scheduled from the 11th till the 14th of November in Hanover.
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