Manufacturing and testing process of Nalophan gas sampling bags accredited under ISO 17025

nalophane bagsPress note: source odournet.

Odournet has announced that their manufacturing and testing process of Nalophan gas sampling bags has been accredited to ISO 17025.

This means that their gas sampling bags are certified as standard compliant material for sampling of odour samples according to point 6.3.2 of the European standard EN 13725 and point 4.3.1 of the guideline VDI 3880.


The analysis result is traceable to the olfactometric measurement method according to EN 13725:2003.

With this unique service odournet provides a further contribution to the documentation of your laboratory quality saving you valuable time.

Since their gas sampling bags are manufactured in a highly standardized way, they can provide you within a short time with large amounts of gas sampling bags that are conditioned and tested under accreditation. If you regularly need gas sampling bags, they will help you the planning of deliveries.

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