Sampling in flares. Is that possible? The new Scentroid Drone SC3

scentroid sampling drone dr3   This is the first sampling drone to our knowledge that it is able to sample plumes such as those from flaring at elevation of up to 120 meters above ground level that were previously very difficult to accomplish. Scentroid has released this new device that will make sampling at very complicates heights easier. 

   It is often necessary to sample stacks, ponds, and other locations where human access is difficult and /or dangerous. Furthermore, operator exposure to dangerous chemicals during sampling must be carefully considered. The Scentroid sampling drone allows the operator to stay safely away from potentially hazardous sources while acquiring the required air sample for laboratory analysis.

   The Scentroid DR3 sampling drone is a complete package that one person can flying the drone, monitoring the exact location of the drone including longitude, latitude and altitude via the Scentroid Drone Sampler Application through an Android phone connected to the drone remote control & take samples from all inaccessible and unreachable locations of the site.

   According to the maker, temperature, humidity, and some chemicals can also be monitored.

   The time to fill a bag is about 45 seconds, so forget about the 30 min-sampling time described in the German norm VDI 3880, but still we think that it is a very interesting device to be used in field sampling in areas where access is difficult or not economically feasible.

   For further information about this device check the maker´s website.

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