The 2nd International Webinar “Odours Monitoring and Treatment” that will take place on May 31st

apea webinar   The 2nd edition of the International Webinar “Odours Monitoring and Treatment” organised by the Portuguese Association of Environmental Engineering - APEA (Associação Portuguesa de Engenharia do Ambiente) will take place this time online on May 31st. This event is free and open upon registration.

   APEA is a non-profit association formed by around three thousand environmental engineering professionals and is part of the consortium DNOSES which received funding from the European’s Union Horizon 2020 under grant agreement No. 789315. The program of this new edition is the following one:

   Programme (Lisbon time)

09.00h – 09.10h Opening Session 

09.00h – 09.10h – Pedro Santos, President of APEA (Portugal)

09h10 – 10h20 Session I – Odours monitoring techniques

09h10 – 09h35 – Overview of odours monitoring techniques, Laura Capelli, POLIMI (Italy) 

09h35 – 10h00 – Presentation of case studies of citizen science for odour monitoring - Rosa Arias (Spain, D-Noses Coordinator) 

10h00 – 10h20 Q&A

10h20 – 11h30 Session II – Odours abatement techniques

10h20 – 10h45 Overview of odours abatement techniques, Carlos Díaz, AMIGO (Spain) 

10h45 – 11h10 Presentation of case studies of odours abatement techniques in Portugal, Rúben Jorge, WeDoTech (Portugal) 

11h10 – 11h30 Q&A

11h30 – 11h45 Closing session

   If you are interested in this 2 and a half hour session, please register using the following LINK or contact the organization here:


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