Symposium "The World of Odour: Sensory Analysis and Consumer Perception – assessing & optimizing the olfactory and molecular attributes of products & materials", Panaji-Goa, India, February 2014

odournet symposium india 2014odournet symposium india 2014Odournet Holding India Pvt.Ltd. is organizing the symposium "The World of Odour: Sensory Analysis and Consumer Perception – assessing & optimizing the  olfactory and molecular attributes of products & materials", which will be held on 19 and 20 February in Panaji-Goa.

This first-of-its-kind symposium in India will bring key Odournet experts and their Indian counterparts to the table to interact with the participants, sharing valuable information about the importance of product & material optimization and standardization in the Indian industry to create awareness about sensory testing, addressing the following topics:


  • How Sensory Analysis affects Consumer Perception
  • Sensory Assessment Methods
  • Two Sides of the Coin: Fragrance v/s Malodour
  • Molecular Analysis by GCMS & GCO
  • Sensory Analysis: The Role of Standardization
  • Sensory Insights: Challenges faced by the Indian Industry 

Engage in in-depth discussions and meet colleagues with similar interests in round table discussions, covering the following topics:

  • Fragrance/flavor problems 
  • Consumer studies 
  • Product improvement & quality control

You will also have the unique opportunity to meet our experts, including our fragrance/flavor expert, Hansruedi Gygax, and the head of our Centre of Competence Product & Material Testing Björn Maxeiner, in one-on-one interactions to find the right answers to your sensory-related questions. 

See more info in the odournet website here:

To find out more about the symposium please have a look at the brochure and register for the symposium.

Please feel free to contact Rajal Shinkre in case of any queries:

T: +91 7774004873


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