Finally, after years of work, we are pleased to inform you that the proposed Spanish standard PNE 77270 "CONSTRUCTION OF COLLABORATIVE ODOUR MAPS THROUGH CITIZEN SCIENCE" will be open for public information from May 17th to June 25th.

   On 16 May 2023, the Spanish Official Journal (BOE in Spanish) published the draft UNE standards that the Spanish Association for Standardisation has in process, corresponding to the month of April 2023, among which is the text proposed by the group that has been working for several years on the standardisation of the use of citizen science for odour mapping.

   With this publication, the 40-day public information phase begins, in which any interested person or organisation can submit comments on the proposed document. The deadline for submitting comments is 25 June. The only requirement is to register on the UNE website and locate PNE 77270. You can use the numerical code or any of the keywords used in the title such as "olor", "ciencia ciudadana" or "mapas". Remember that this new Standard is only published in Spanish.

   For those who do not know how to use the UNE platform, you can read all the sections of the standard and add the desired comments to each of the sections as you read them. Unfortunately, this system does not allow you to download the document, but instead, you must read it online. Once the public consultation period is over, UNE will send the comments to the working group, which will have to respond, accept or modify them. Once this process is completed, the final text will be published as a Spanish Standard (UNE). Once it is a UNE standard, any interested party will be able to purchase it on the official site.

   So, if you can read and understand Spanish, don't miss this chance to read the full proposal, participate and send your comments.

   In addition, the working group is organising several presentations throughout this year to present the final draft/document. On the 20th of June will take place in the Port of Tarragona in face-to-face format, another presentation in September/October in Barcelona, and another one in virtual format, probably in November.

   Consult the proposal in this link (remember to register and look for it).

   Download the BOE of 16 May.


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Cyntia Izquierdo

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