Citizen Science Milestone: UNE 77270:2023 Standard for Odour Monitoring – Recording of the second Presentation Now Available for Free

   The second presentation of the standard UNE 77270:2023 - Collaborative Odour Maps Construction through Citizen Science, published in October, was held on November 6th at Lleialtat Santsenca in Barcelona, was a resounding success. The event marked a historic moment as the first standard worldwide to incorporate citizen science as a methodological approach for monitoring odour impact was officially launched. Experts and community members who contributed to the development of this innovative standard gathered to celebrate this achievement. This event was recorded and can be watched here (provided you know a bit of Spanish)

   The audience at the event, consisting of both experts and the general public, witnessed the culmination of four years of dedicated work by the group behind the standard's development. The successful launch highlights the increasing recognition of citizen science as a valuable tool in environmental monitoring and governance. The incorporation of public participation in assessing odour pollution is a noteworthy step forward in fostering a collaborative and inclusive approach to addressing environmental challenges.

   For those who were unable to attend the event in person, the organizers ensured accessibility by recording the entire presentation. The recorded content, including numerous insightful presentations, is now available for free on YouTube at the following link: This provides a convenient opportunity for individuals around the world to catch up on the groundbreaking insights shared during the event at their own pace.

 These were the Talks held during that day:

Opening and Contextualization by Jose Manuel Felisi, convenor of this initiative and member of MESURA

Development of a Spanish Technical Standard by Elena Gayo of UNE (Spanish standardization committee)

Explanation of the Initiative to Create a UNE Standard by Vania Zorich, President of AMIGO

UNE 77270 Standard and Citizen Science by Rosa Arias, SfC

The UNE 77270 Standard from the Citizens' Perspective by Silvina Frucella of the AIRENET citizen organization.

A Step Forward: Benefits of Implementing the UNE 77270 Standard in Odor Management by Laura Rodriguez of MAmbiente

Tools and Methodologies for Assessing the Plausibility of Odor Records and Episodes by Martí de Riquer of METEOSIM

Round Table: Testimonials and Success Stories


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