dnoses london   D-NOSES stands for Distributed Network for Odour Sensing Empowerment and Sustainability (not to be confused with e-noses). This project has got a budget of 3.2 million Euro from the project Horizon 2020 of the European Union. The kick-off meeting just took place last week in London. A group of several companies, research universities, public administrations and NGOs will participate in this project to develop a tool for citizen odour monitoring.

 A consortium of 15 entities will participate in this H2020 project that will take 3 years. The project will co-design citizen science interventions across 7 European and 3 non-European countries, where citizens will use innovative mapping tools to crowdsource odour issues and co-create ad-hoc solutions with CSOs, NGOs, local public authorities, odour emitting industries and academia.

sesion06 juarez06   The relationship between the odors emitted by a given facility and the influence they cause on the population living in the surrounding area is very complex to determine. For these reason, a comprehensive study has been carried out at the Municipality of 'San Francisco de Mostazal', in Chile.

   Standarized Methodologies allow to assess the problem in a standardized way, and from technical and economical point of view. The most used methodologies are emission-based studies (EN-13725 / NCh3190) and, immission-based studies (VDI3940); they can be complemented by chemical analysis and complain management.


P. Ubilla 1, Denis Clavijo 2, Rodrigo Elguín 2, Rubén Cerdá 3, J.V. Martínez 3 and J. M. Juarez-Galan 3*

1. Aqualogy Chile. La Concepción 141, Oficina 701. Providencia, Santiago. Chile.
2. ANAM. Américo Vespucio 451, Quilicura. Santiago. Chile.
3. Labaqua SA. C/Dracma 16-18. Polígono Industrial Las Atalayas. 03114 Alicante. Spain.
* jmanuel.juarez@labaqua.com

 sesion06 juarez00  The management of odours caused by industrial emissions requires standarized and technically-proved methodologies for a correct diagnosis, allowing to assess the problem objectively and, therefore, for proposing the best solutions from an economical and technical point of view.

J. M. Juarez-Galan, J.V. Martínez, A. Amo and P. Ubilla

  Aqualogy Medio Ambiente. C/Dracma 16-18. Polígono Industrial Las Atalayas. 03114 Alicante


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