Olores.org Webinar: Odorprep: new frontiers in odor control

Youtube   Olores.org is happy to present a new sponsored webinar: "Odorprep: new frontiers in odor control", where 4 experts will present different case studies. This webinar will take place the 23rd of March 2021 and It will be broadcasted live, so register here and save your place.

   This Webinar is a unique opportunity to learn more on odour management, in this case, with well-known international experts who have participated in different projects related to the Odorprep System. This system is an automatic odour sampling device on demand that can be remotely managed by a dedicated mobile app.



   In this webinar, several case studies will be presented where the Odorprep system has been used. The preliminary program is the following:

  • Introduction by Carlos N. Diaz, editor of Olores.org (Spain)
  • Interests of automatic odour sampling devices, illustration with a Wallonia study, by Prof. Anne-Claude Romain, Professor at Department of Environmental Sciences and Management (University of Liège, Belgium)
  • Innovative Photocatalytic Cover for treatment of nuisance : Odorprep support, by Robert F. Kelly, Directeur Adjoint Pôle AIR - Diversification Infrastructures Environnement (SUEZ, France)
  • Odor.net: Monitoring project of odorous phenomena in the municipality of Falconara Marittima, by Dr. Cesare Rossini, International Business Development Manager (Lab Service Analytica, Italy)
  • Mechanical biological treatment plant: statistical evaluation of H2S and NH3 concentrations in ambient air and criteria for automatic odor sampling, by Ing. Federico Cangialosi, R&D manager of T&A, Italy.
  •  Round table and discussion, moderated by Carlos Diaz, editor of Olores.org (Spain)

   Download the final program here.

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Cyntia Izquierdo

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