International Conference on Bio-chemical Processes for Air Pollution Control China

China conference    The International Conference on Bio-chemical Processes for Air Pollution Control will take place the 25-27 of July 2021 in Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province, China.

   This time, the conference is organized by Volatile Organic Pollution Prevention and Control Professional Committee of Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences, Zhejiang Ocean University, and Tianjin University. The conference aims to further reduce the emission of waste gas and promote the application of biotechnology. You can find the programme and addiotional information how to register here.

   This event brings together engineer, scientists, researchers, students, local authorities, managers and other professionals in order to exchange experiences on cutting-edge scientific issues, key technologies, engineering practices and industrial development.

   Topics that will be discussed at this conference include:

  • Fundamental of biochemical process es for air pollutants removal

  • Tailored biological catalysts for air pollutants control

  • Chemical identification of g a seous pollutants and biocatalytic products

  • Toxicity assessment of gaseous pollutants and biocatalytic products

  • Integration of physicochemical and biological process es for the removal ofgaseous contaminants

  • Enhancement of the mass-transfer rates of poorly water-soluble gaseous substrates

  • Analysis and optimization of the microbial community structure/functions in the bioreactors

  • Engineering practice and case studies of different biochemical processes for air pollution control


   Contact the organisers of this conference here.

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