The 10th IWA odour management conference will likely be organised with CASANZ in Hobart, Australia.

   We are proud and satisfied to have organised the ninth IWA odour management conference, but now it is time to hand it over to other organisers. Accordingly, the University of New South Wales will coordinate the following IWA conference on odour management in conjunction with the well-known organization CASANZ.

   This conference will probably take place on 26-27 August 2024 in Hobart, Australia. Workshops/training courses are planned to take place on Sunday, 25 August and site visits on Wednesday, 28 August.

   Appropriate permissions are currently being arranged with IWA and CASANZ to make this conference a reality. In the meantime, the organisers have asked us to book this date in our agendas.

   We will update you on this project's status as soon as we have more information.


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