ODEUR 2014 Seminar in Quebec, on March 13 and 14 2014.

odeur 2014  The OlfactoNetwork and the company OlfactoExpert Inc. are pleased to announce the upcoming «ODEUR2014 QUEBEC», the first seminar in North America entirely devoted to odors, which will cover everything from quantifying them to dealing with them, both technically and legally. On March 13 and 14, experts, lawyers, academics, industrialists, and specialists from Europe and the United States will be at the Auberge Saint-Antoine, located at 8 Saint-Antoine Street in Québec, for two days of work and discussion.

   These specialized conferences will help you understand how odors are formed, dispersed, and perceived. Participants will learn about modern methods for measuring and analyzing odors as well as about the most recent and most effective technologies for handling them.


  Open to all professionals, ODOR2014 will make it possible to review existing technologies and meet all the main actors in this industry.

Please note that the official language of this event will be French. Download the program here.

The first meeting of this type in North America, ODEUR2014 QUEBEC will be followed in June by ODOR2014 NEW YORK.


More info: http://odeur2014.com




SOURCE: California chronicle.

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