The First International Odour Conference (MKO 2016) in Gdansk, Poland the 18th to 20th of April 2016

MKO2016 odour conference Gdansk   The first International Odour Conference (MKO 2016) is being organized by the Environmental Odour Consulting in cooperation with two Polish universities-  Gdansk University of Technology and Wroclaw University of Technology. This is an initiative taken by some known experts in this field to talk about the odour management and measurement techniques nowadays.  This event will take place in Gdansk, Poland between April 18 and April 20, 2016.

  In 2013, we wrote about an Odour Conference hold in Sopot, Poland organized by the Department of Eko Dolina Waste Management Sp. That conference was the first conference in Polish language that dealt with odour issues.

   This time the Conference MKO2016 is being organized by the Canadian company Environmental Odour Consulting EOC, with support from Gdansk University of Technology and Wroclaw University of Technology.   These two Universities took also an Honorary Patronage.


   The scientific committee is formed by well known experts in this field: Ms. Anna Bokowa, Mr. Jacek Namieśnik, Ms. Izabela Sówka, Mr. Waldemar Wardencki, Mr. Jerzy Zwoździak, Ms. Bożena Zabiegała, Mr. Jacek Gębicki, Mr. Tomasz Dymerski, Mr. Piotr Staniaszek and the well known Mr. Jacek Koziel, Associate Professor of livestock odor and air quality at the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering at Iowa State University.

   The Conference targets the environmental regulatory offices, managers and operators of facilities such as wastewater treatment plants, landfill sites, composting plants, recycling facilities, oil refineries, agriculture sectors, consultants and universities.

   Please note that the official language of this MKO2016 conference will be Polish with English translations.

   For more info about this interesting conference, check out this link.


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