Volunteers Wanted!

Volunteers picture  Are you interested in furthering your career, building on your network of professionals, strengthening your leadership skills and implementing new ideas within learning and development community? We have an exciting opportunity to volunteer to speak about what you are doing within the industry, during one of our workshops that will be held the day before the 9th IWA International Conference on Environmental Odours and VOCs.

   We need your help! We are currently recruiting people interested in volunteering at our upcoming event in October in Bilbao. This is a unique opportunity that will enable you to share your experiences, projects and more with the attendees.

      The opportunity requires expert knowledge and experience within the field that you can share with attendees. We ask that you prepare a session that will enable attendees to learn something new and hear about what you are currently working on. This should be in an interactive and engaging format.

   If this is something you are interested in undertaking, please get in touch with the IWA conference team here. Please send us your name, area of interest, idea for the session you are proposing, contact email address and phone number.

   We look forward to hearing from you!

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