Meeting of the IWA Odours and Volatile Emissions group

meeting odour specialist group hangzhou 2019   The 14th of October a representation of the IWA Odours and Volatile Emissions specialist group met in Hangzhou, China, to discuss several issues related to the organization of the event. In addition, some proposals were made to host next IWA 2021 Odour and VOCs Conference.

   A small but significant group met during the conference in Hangzhou to discuss several issues related to the organization of the conference. This meeting was chaired by Mr Witherspoon, and Mr Liu acted as secretary. The idea was to have some general comments and impressions about the conference in Hangzhou and to discuss future improvements. In addition, some proposals for the next city to host the event were presented.

   Following the discussion about the Hangzhou conference there were some comments noted.

  • It was noted that the program was delivered a few days before the conference commenced.
  • The workshop on odours organized the day before was successful.
  • Spain was proposed to be the next host for IWA 2021, probably in the city of Bilbao. Dates to be confirmed.
  • It was commented that for 2023 it would possible to organize the conference in the American continent. The city proposed was Santiago, Chile.
  • Gender balance for next meetings should be definitely improved.
  • It was suggested to have a longer time to organize this event, as 2 years it is not too much.

   A few more interesting ideas were discussed during the meeting, but finally the city to host the 2021 IWA volatile and odours conference will be Bilbao, in Spain. This conference will be organized for the first time by ;-)

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