The Chilean Government launches a website devoted to odours

MMA Chile nuevaweb   Chilean Ministry of the Environment has just launched a new website exclusively to inform about odour pollution: what the odours are, how are they measured, what laws and/or regulations exist, etc.

   Chile's Ministry of the Environment is one of the few ministries worldwide that has a specific department for odours, "Departamento de Ruido, Lumínica y Olores" (Noise, Light and Odours Department). This department has been fighting for years for the proper management of odours, and going a step further along that line, it has just launched a new website to inform Chileans (and other interested people) about what odours are, how they are measured, and what new regulations are going to be carried out in the country.

   As it is known by all our readers, the Chilean government is making great efforts to control and regulate odours in the environment. In 2014, the Ministry of the Environment promulgated a Strategy for Odour Management in Chile, updated in 2017, motivated by the problems in the generation of odours in the country and the need to define actions in this area. In addition, last year, Chilean Ministry of the Environment announced the publication of a new legislation on odour emission for the pig industry, whose draft will be published in November of this year, positioning itself as one of the countries currently most pro-active in odour control.

   Finally, given the work developed in recent years in the country, the MMA of Chile has joined in supporting the Conference OLORES.19, which is being organized by this website,, and will be held on 26 and 27 November 2019 in Santiago, at the CentroParque Events & Conventions Center. We remind you that the registration period for the event is already open, so take a look to the program and see what this conference offers you.


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