ACLIMA, the Basque Autonomous Community’s Cluster Association of Environmental Industries, will be an official partner of the III Conference on odour Management

imagenaclima   We are very happy to announce that the Association of Environmental Industries from the Basque Country an autonomous community of northern Spain, will be an official partner of the conference. After some talks with Kristina Apiñaniz (General Director of ACLIMA) and Mikel Ibarra (Project Manager), we are very happy to share with you that ACLIMA, the Basque Autonomous Community’s Cluster Association of Environmental Industries has signed an agreement to be an industrial partner in the conference. 

   ACLIMA is a cluster of very important industries focused on environment in this very important region of the north of Spain. ACLIMA will be 20 years old in a few days. Congratulations!

   ACLIMA is a corner stone in the Basque Environmental Industry in the Basque Country.  ACLIMA represents the private sector (industries and services), the living knowledge (universities and technological centres) and also the public sector. Nowadays, they count on 92 partners of whom 73 are industrial companies (ecoindustry, waste management, oil refineries, cement companies, equipment manufacturing plants, etc.).

   Thanks to this agreement signed with ACLIMA, the environmental managers of this companies will be able to learn a bit more about how to deal with odour complaints and will check in the several booths available the different technology to control odours available in the market. Also the partners that signed this agreement will have a very special discount of 105 Euro in the registration fee  to attend the  III Conference on Environmental Odour Management, that will take place the 23rd and 24th of November in Bilbao, Spain (provided they register before the early bird date of 23rd of September).

   This is the second agreement signed with an industrial association of Spain. Our target is 160 people attending the conference. We are close now to 100 people so if you are interested in having a look to the state of art technologies to manage odour emission you better hurry up!



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