Suez Labaqua will be sponsoring the IV Odours and VOCs conference in Valladolid, Spain

LABAQUA-SUEZ   We are very happy to share with you that we will once again count on the support of the company Suez Labaqua for our IV International Conference on Environmental Odour and VOCs Management that will take place in Valladolid, Spain, the 20-21 of September 2017. Labaqua has been sponsoring our events since the very first one. We must be doing something right if they still trust us for these events. Sponsoring this conference gives your business authority in the odour management sector and this boosts your credibility. Your brand will be seen throughout various elements of this event and the attendees, eager to learn more about your business, will come to find you. That is why LABAQUA will be silver sponsor and that is why we wish them a lot of success in this event.

   LABAQUA have been offering technical odour solutions for customers for more than 25 years, being the first company accredited in Spain to carry out olfactometric studies by using the UNE-EN 13725 standard.

    In line with the company objetives in shared knowledge and innovation, the professionals of SUEZ-LABAQUA continue investing in research and development in this field, giving the support and commitment made in previous editions of this event, by promoting the scientific-technical advances for the management of the environmental odour impact.

   This International Conference on Odor and VOCs Management In the Environment has proved to be one of the most important technical events in odour environmental control in Spain and South America, according to statements made by the company.

   Both companies are joining us for this event. If you want to know more about both, visit their official webpages here: LABAQUA - SUEZ


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