5may   Due to the demand of some authors for extending the deadline for sending the papers, the organizing committee has decided to postpone the deadline until 5th May, Friday.

We have just received a few tens of papers and we invite you to send yours as soon as possible. Later we will send the papers to the scientific committee, who have the task of reviewing them before May 26th.

comitecientifico   For this IV International Conference on Environmental Odour and VOCs Management, that will be held in Valladolid, Spain, the 20th and 21st of September 2017, we have tried to gather a well known group of experts in this field. This way, we have counted on people with relevant experience in each of the fields in order to increase the quality of the presentations.

   The Scientific Committee for this event is formed by a group of more than 60 experts. This list is not closed, so if you want to be part of the scientific committee and you think you are capable of reviewing the papers in any of the areas to be discussed during this Conference, do not hesitate to contact us.

   More info about this conference, visit the official website:

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