OLORES19 Conference in one and a half minutes

Video    The OLORES19 Conference host in Santiago, Chile, last year was very successful since it gathered 180 participants from 17 countries. The OLORES19 event was full of many interesting papers, posters and a bunch of experts and professionals.

   Summarizing an event of two days into a short video has been difficult, it’s hard to decide which part of the conference should be included and so many has been left out in order not to be too long, as every issue discussed on the conference was incredibly interesting, but we hope you like this short video!



   We got a fantastic attendance of 180 people from around 17 countries who were avidly listening to over 35 presentations during these 2 days. On the exhibition hall 9 booths and 7 posters were shown. All the papers were peer reviewed by a great scientific committee of over 60 people.

   And stay stunned to our channels as we are already organizing the next one: The 9th IWA Odour & VOC/Air Emission Conference, on the 26-27 of October 2021, in Bilbao, Spain.

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