The OLORES2019 final program is here!

Olores2029ING   After some modifications, a few updates, last minutes changes, etc. the organising committee of the OLORES2019 is glad to present the final programme of the conference that will take place on 26th and 27th of November 2019 in Santiago, Chile.

   We are very happy to share with you the final program of the OLORES2019 conference that will take place at CentroParque, Av. Pdte. Riesco 5330, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile. Check here all the opportunities that this conference can offer you!  

   The conference will last 2 days, 26th and 27th of November 2019, but the previous day, there are several workshops opened to all the attendance:

   This 2 days conference is divided into 5 sessions, which topics are shown below:

  • Session I: Environmental odour formation. Odour legislation, normative and regulations.
  • Session II: Dynamic olfactometry and other techniques. Odour perception. Quality assurance and control.
  • Session III: Calculation of the odour impact. Odour dispersion modelling.
  • Session IV: Electronic devices for gases and odorant detection. Odorant and VOCs monitoring techniques.
  • Session V: Control techniques for odorants and VOCs.

   This program will be delivered to you on the day of the conference in paper format.


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