Sewervac   Sewervac new mathematical modeling tool for the sulfur ion allows to model the routes of the sulfide ion to identify at which points we will have the highest sulfide’s concentrations and consequently hydrogen sulphide (H2S), the conversion rates of sulfur to hydrogen sulphide, the origin of the hydrogen sulphide peaks and what it can be done to avoid it.

   The continuous investment in R+D has allowed the company Sewervac to present 2.0 version, developing software that provides a much more graphic and intuitive data output.

R. Mateos, J. Chambó *

   Sewervac Ibérica S.L., Carrer de Folch de Cardona 2, 46017 Valencia (Spain). Email: ricardo@sewervac; *

A Amo   For the industrial sector, in many occasions it is the directed sources that are the main route of emission of pollutants into the atmosphere. In these cases, the technical recommendations for minimizing the impact of industrial emissions on the environment indicate the chanelling of these emissions for dispersion at some height as a first step towards establishing possible corrective measures.

   The emission of these pollutants at a higher altitude, or with a higher gas exit velocity at the focus, minimizes the impact on the environment. Using this principle as a basis, additional propulsion systems have been designed for directed sources. This propulsion is achieved by installing a turbine on the upper exterior of the chimney. In this study, the Calpuff atmospheric dispersion model was used for the evaluation of the improvement in the environmental quality obtained in the surroundings of a chemical industry installation, from the installation of three Eolage (Delamet) propulsion systems, on three chimneys.

Antonio Amo Peña *, Juan Manuel Juárez Galán, Rubén Cerdá Ortiz

* Labaqua S.A. Pol. Industrial Atalayas 16, 03110 Alicante,

A Harreveld   Currently, odour modelling maps represent a static photo on the impact assessment in P98, 1h. This information allows the proper design of odour control measures, regarding emission reduction or better dispersion. However, this information is not enough to carry out an operational and proactive odour management, which is associated with the operations at installations.

   A digital platform like EnviroSuite is a technological product which provides a comprehensive solution, able to manage environmental risks in real and predictive time. The main objective of this platform is to improve operational efficiency in the industry, through business planning and environmental compliance approach.

A.V. Harreveld*, L. Rodríguez and E. Pagans

Odournet S.L., Av. Corts Catalanes, 5-7. Nave 3. Parc Empresarial Trade Center. 08173 Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)

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