Scentroid SC302, a New Mobile Olfactometer has come Into Scene

Scentroid SC302   A new single-port mobile olfactometer that meets all international standards such EN 13725 and ASTM E679-4 has come into the market.  This device may be a very serious competitor for a well known German dynamic olfactometer.

   This fully automated PLC controlled olfactometer uses mass flow controllers as his direct competitor, however the main advantage of this device is that it comes with a Siemens PLC and touch-screen interface, transforming this sofisticated device into a very simple and easy to use equipment. No need for a laptop to control this olfactometer.

The portability accomplished by the maker is stunning. Enclosed in a tough waterproof and shock proof Pelican Case and according to the manufacturer, weighing less than 13 Kg, Scentroid SC302 can be checked-in with your luggage and flown anywhere in the world.

In addition, Scentroid SC302 allows you to provide stack and ambient odour analysis in any place. This might be necessary if we are dealing with a VDI 3880 scheme and any sample must be evaluated within 6 hours.

SCENTROID SC302 is not the first portable olfactometer, the german maker ECOMA sells its TO8-s since a few years ago, however, we will have to think about many other complements to bring with, such as a laptop and a pump.

In this case, the manufacturer also offers an Air supply Module that includes an oil-less air pump, air dryer, and active carbon filter to provide clean odour-free air. In case this Air Supply Module is used, deployment only requires just connecting the ¼” air hose between the two modules and plugging them into AC power outlet.

Details on this product including a very interesting demonstration video can be found in the website of the maker here.

Looking for a distributor in France and Spain? check here:



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