A visit to the facilities of St Croix Sensory in Lake Elmo, Minnesota, USA.

foto2  In December 2006, Olores.org visited the facilities of St Croix Sensory in Lake Elmo, Minnesota, USA.  St. Croix Sensory is a sensory testing and training company that specializes in odor testing of air samples, commercial products, and materials and in training of odor assessors, monitors, inspectors, and investigators. Likewise, St. Croix Sensory manufactures state-of-the-art odor sampling and odor measurement equipment. Their products set the standard in odor sampling, testing, and measurement.

  In December 2006 we paid a visit to this firm to know a little bit more about their activities. During this visit, we could have a look to the process of manufacturing the olfactometer AC´Scent. The AC´Scent olfactometer has incorporated its own fresh air pump device with a special filter to assure you get an odorless air for testing, this is a special feature that makes the difference with other olfactometers in the market which usually come with no pump incorporated. Other devices might be smaller but at the end you need to acquire also an air pump and active carbon filters.

In the labs, St. Croix Sensory analyzes on a daily basis samples coming from all over the States by means of dynamic olfactometry. Several trained panellists, whoo are usually people from the neighbourhood where this lab locates, work with this company.


 Testing the odor threshold with the AC´scent olfactometer


Training is a parallel activity of St Croix Sensory and we well know as during an hour, Charles McGinley explained some interesting aspects of the odor pollution, with detail in practical applications and legislation. It is really inspiring listening to Charles McGinley talking about odor management in different potentially odor-emitting activities and how they solve several conflicts by paying attention to simple facts rather than expending thousands of dollars in expensive odour abatement equipment, which should be the last resource in any case. Thanks to the kindness of Michael, Charles, Donna and Nick, this visit to St Croix Sensory was both pleasing and interesting.

   If you want to know more about St Croix Sensory click here.


* main photo: Michael McGinley welcome us to the facilities

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