The New Software PlumeMapper Simplifies Ambient Odour Data Collection and Analysis

   A new software suite, PlumeMapper, has been recently introduced to simplify collecting and analyzing ambient odour data. Air Environment developed this tool to streamline field surveys, replacing traditional pen-and-paper methods with mobile and desktop platforms.

   PlumeMapper offers users a user-friendly solution, eliminating manual transcription errors and providing easy access to data stored in the cloud. Key features include adherence to established standards such as European EN16841, tailored forms created by Air Quality Experts, and advanced filtering options for data analysis.

   In addition to its user-friendly interface and cloud-based storage capabilities, PlumeMapper offers a range of features designed to enhance the odour assessment process. Users can create surveys easily through a guided setup process, add projects and sites, and collect data seamlessly via mobile forms. The ability to review and edit data before pushing it to the cloud ensures accuracy and reliability in the results.

   Furthermore, PlumeMapper provides advanced analysis tools such as mapping, charting, and table viewing. Users can visualize data with interactive maps, add site boundaries and zones of interest, and plot odour buffers from measurements to their respective zones. Charting options allow for easy interpretation of complex data, while table viewing provides a complete overview of all surveys conducted over time. With these features, PlumeMapper empowers users to gain deeper insights into odour patterns and potential nuisance, ultimately facilitating better decision-making and management strategies.

With mobile and web platforms available on Android, iOS, and desktop, PlumeMapper is accessible both in the field and back at the office.

For more information visit PlumeMapper's website.


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