A successful ISOEN 2022 conference

isoen2022 conference   The International Symposium on Olfaction and Electronic Nose (ISOEN) took place as planned in Aveiro, Portugal at the end of May 2022. Despite its title, ISOEN conferences have sessions not only with electronic noses but with a much broader set of devices that have in common the aim to detect things electronically such as electronic tongues, sensors for non-odorants, air quality, health, etc.

   The conference was structured in several sessions to try to fit the over 100 papers received in this occasion. This was the first conference hold face-to-face in a long time after an online break during the pandemia.

   Very interesting keynotes were presented by Prof. Krishna Persaud (Tailoring Proteins for a Bioelectronic Nose), Prof. Hossam Haick (Lifelong Sensors for Overall Health Monitoring and Prevention) and Prof. Manel del Valle (Experiences in the Detection of Drugs of Abuse in Smuggling Seizures and Forensic Samples Using Electronic Tongue Principles).

   All in all, we enjoyed a beautiful event, with plenty of information to read and to understand, and with two beautiful moments. The first one, was a competition in which three university teams tried to use their research sensors to smell coffee from beans. The second special moment was the ceremony for the recognition of the work done by Prof. Krishna Persaud along the years in the field of electronic olfaction.

   Next ISOEN conference will take place in Grapevine, Dallas USA in 2024.


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