Explore the Frontiers of Biomedical Sensing at ISOCS Short Course Winter 2024

Once again, the ISOCS Short Course Winter is here. In this iSOCS SCW 2024, world-leading experts will gather in Bormio, Italy from January 15 to 19 to delve into the fascinating field of "CHEMICAL SENSING FOR BIOMEDICAL APPLICATIONS: FROM A PROOF OF CONCEPT TO A MEDICAL DEVICE."

Actually, this is not just an opportunity to learn more about Instrumental Odour Monitoring Systems in the field of biomedical devices but also a chance to go skiing with friends. This perfect combination makes these courses both enriching and enjoyable.

Key topics include:

  • Sampling, storage, and analysis of biological fluids
  • Technological challenges and data processing in multivariate chemical sensing
  • Scientific and clinical validation of biomedical technologies
  • Design of clinical validation trials
  • Certification of biomedical devices
  • Specific challenges in healthcare applications (e.g., biocompatibility, cross-contamination, etc.)
  • Real-world examples of technologies evolving into medical devices

Here is the list of speakers for this course: πŸŽ™ Prof. Raffaele Dellaca’, Politecnico di Milano πŸŽ™ Prof. Santiago Marco, IBEC Barcelona πŸŽ™ Prof. Fabio Di Francesco, University of Pisa πŸŽ™ Prof. Corrado Di Natale, University of Rome Tor Vergata πŸŽ™ Prof. Anne-Claude Romain, University of LiΓ¨ge πŸŽ™ Prof. Dr. Med. Sascha Kreuer, Saarland University Medical Center πŸŽ™ Dr. Jan Mitrovics, JLM Innovation GmbH, Germany πŸŽ™ Dr. Alessandro Gobbi, Restech, Italy

Event details:

  • πŸ—“ Date: January 15-19, 2024
  • πŸ“ Location: Bormio
  • 🌐 Event website

Don't miss this unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the latest advancements at the intersection of chemical sensing and biomedical applications. Whether you're an experienced professional or a researcher, the iSOCS Short Course promises to be a unique experience to learn about smell in biomedical science. Mark your calendar and join this group in this exceptional gathering of minds pushing the boundaries of biomedical sensing!

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