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   Yesterday, we were informed by the CEN that the 15th on November 2017 Dr. Thomas Hübert passed away after a very short illness. Dr. Thomas Hübert worked at the Federal Institute of Materials Research and Testing (BAM) and he was member of several groups dealing with instrumental odour monitoring such as the Working Group (WG) 41 of the Technical Committee 264 of the CEN.

   Dr. Hübert was activily involved in the WG41 and he was also the coordinator of the German mirror group. The picture on the left was taken in Berlin in August last year, during the last meeting of the WG. Dr. Hübert (in the middle) was a very active person and he took part on many decisions of this group. It is a great loss for his family and friends and also for the "odour" family.

   Dr. Hübert joined BAM on February 1, 1992 and most recently he was in the department 8.1 "Sensor Technology, Measurement and Testing Techniques ". His scientific career began 17 years earlier in the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the GDR, where he was already established early in the field of glass and ceramic development and sensor technology. He soon specialized in gas and moisture sensors and sol-gel processes.

  Dr. Hübert has drawn International attention and industrial importance due to his developments in nanotechnologies and trace moisture measurement. He has participated in the development of standards in these areas too. His research activities focused on multigas and hydrogen sensors, which he aimed at increasing the Safety in the field of hydrogen production, use and transport. A comprehensive work of lectures and publications in renowned magazines, books and conference proceedings provide information about his many-sided scientific work.

   Dr Hübert was the coordinator of the Task Group 4 of the WG41, dealing with the descriptions and review of scope relevant technologies for instrumental odour monitoring. He was a great colleague, open always to new ideas and points of view. We will really miss him in these meetings. Rest in peace Thomas.

(photo taken during the last meeting of the WG 41 that took place in Berlin)


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