ONOSE-8 ® a New Stationary Dynamic Dilution Olfactometer made in Quebec

O-nose8    The market of olfactometers is rapidly growing and changing. As we saw in December, a new portable olfactometer named Scentroid SC302 came out and fresh from the bakery. That was a little and nice surprise for all of us and a shot for the olfactometer market dominated at this time by the German makers of the ECOMA TO8. This time, and just a few months after the show up of the Scentroid SC302, we have a new piece of engineering coming to the stage: The Onose-8 ® dynamic dilution olfactometer.

   The Onose-8 ® dynamic dilution olfactometer is the result of many years of research and development by the engineers and scientists from a consulting firm based in Quebec. The Onose-8 ® olfactometer is designed according with the following standards:

  • ASTM 679
  • EN 13725
  • VDI 3881 and 3882

   The olfactometric analysis techniques that can be performed by the Onose-8 ® olfactometer are the following:

  • Dilution to threshold in order to determine the odour concentration of a sample
  • Evaluation of the offensiveness of an odour by comparison with n-butanol
  • Evaluation of the hedonic tone according to different comparison scales
  • Evaluation of the panelists’ olfactory detection threshold with n-butanol

   The Onose-8 ® dynamic dilution olfactometer offers ergonomic ease of work favoring comfort in order to decrease fatigue of the panelists and the operator. According to the maker, the fast stabilization, operating process and air purging of the olfactometer allow to perform up to ten (10) analyses per hour.

   The Onose-8 ® olfactometer is composed of mass flow controllers and all the components that are in contact with fresh air or odours are made of Teflon ® , stainless steel or glass.

   At this stage, we ask ourselves: Is the market ready for another olfactometer? So far we don't have the answer yet for this question but what is clear for us is that Canada is becoming quite an active country as developer of odour technology as so far there are officially 3 olfactometer vendors there. More than in any country in the world.


   You can download a leaflet here.

   For more information about this equipment visit the website of the maker here.


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