invitation to the eventFinally after numerous projects and research focused on odour annoyance management in the environment, the Regional Ministry of the Environment in the Chilean region of General Bernardo O'Higgins has finally announced the presentation of the next strategy for odour management 2014-2017.

The presentation of this new guideline on odour management will take place the 28th of November 2014 in Rancagua.


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sesion01 mcginley00In the U.S. and internationally odours remain at the top of air pollution complaints to regulators and government bodies. From state to state, in communities across the United States, and in other countries, odour issues are addressed by a variety of "odour laws", whether they are called an ordinance, rule, regulation, or policy.

Michael A. McGinley, P.E. and Charles M. McGinley, P.E.1


1 St. Croix Sensory, Inc., 1150 Stillwater Blvd. N., Stillwater, MN 55082 USA

BREFF IRPP   The second draft of the BREF (Best Available Techniques (BAT) Reference Document ) on Intensive Rearing of Poultry and Pigs (IRPP) has been issued on 01/08/2013 and the word "odour" appears 487 times. This is a measure of the importance of the odour management in this BREF. For example, in the recently reviewed and final Draft of the BREF Document for the Production of Pulp, Paper and Board, the word odours appears 148 times. 

   This is a good opportunity to revise the Draft and send some comments concerning the odour management field, for those of you who are involved in odour regulations. Surprisingly, there is no "odour unit" reference in the final draft of the BREF on the Production of Pulp, Paper and Board (1), therefore there is just a tangential treatment of one of the major problems of these activities.

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