deq odor nuisance strategy 2013 oregonThe Air Quality Division of the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) of the State of Oregon has recently released a proposal for an Odor Nuisance Strategy Report. and is asking for feedback about it. This proposal is based on several parameters, the so-called  "Nuisance Factors" which are the tools used by the Environmental officers to deal with odor complaints.

DEQ last updated its nuisance rules as part of a process improvement effort in 2001. At this time DEQ is proposing a strategy to implement the existing rules. The Oregon Administrative rule on nuisance (OAR 340-208-0310) (Appendix A) describes multiple factors for DEQ to consider when determining if a nuisance exists.

ICONTEC website   ICONTEC is a Colombian multinational concerned about sustainable development of organizations in the continent that works since 1963 to promote standardization, conformity assessment, metrology and quality management in Colombia, Central America and South America.

   As a National Standardization Body, ICONTEC represents Colombia in international and regional standardization bodies such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the Pan American Standards Commission.

Bin/Trash containersSentence of the Court for contentious administrative proceedings, number 10, of Barcelona, issued in a proceeding under the Section 18 of the Spanish Constitution, that guarantees the right to honour, to personal and family privacy and to the own image and the inviolability of the home. This Sentence is not the Final Judgment yet as it is pending on the court of appeals.

In this sentence, the Court orders to the town of Dosrius to remove some public organic bin containers near a private property. In some cases, an odour concentration of 360 ouE was measured by an independent consultant company.

Read an extract of the Court Sentence (Spanish) here.

Source: Advocats Especialistes en Contaminació Acústica. Website

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