We welcome our first official Silver Sponsor: Sewervac!

Silver_Sewrvac    We are happy to announce that the company Sewervac, Systems Engineering and Hydraulics Products, has joined the 9th IWA Odours & VOC/Air emissions conference as a Silver Sponsor. We would like to welcome them and thank them for participating in this special event!

   The company Sewervac is a professional firm comprising over 20 years of experience in the urban hydraulics sector. They have a number of clients including water management companies, public bodies and private entities. These clients seek solutions to odour emissions from collection systems.

   It's not the first time that the company Sewervac supports one of the events organized by this website. Back in 2017, Sewervac became one of the Silver Sponsor of the IV International Conference on Environmental Odours and VOCs Management held in Valladolid, Spain. We are delighted that they again support such initiatives and look forward to seeing you in the conference in October.

   Mathematical modelling of sulphide ion in order to know how and why odorous and corrosion problems occur in collector networks, sewage pumping stations and sewage treatment plants are among some of the services provided by Sewevac. They also provide hydraulic services such as engineering for vacuum sanitation and water oxygenation.

    Ricardo Mateos, Managing Director of Sewervac Ibérica, commented: "For Sewervac Ibérica, it is an honour to collaborate as a Silver Sponsor in the 9th IWA International Conference on Odours and VOCs. The values of our company are in line with the purpose of the organisation of this event since the quality of life and the rights of citizens, together with the management of the environment, converge in the good management of odour. Therefore, any initiative or effort to achieve this goal is within the philosophy of our company. We thank the entire Olores.org team for their time and dedication to this cause as well as for the opportunity they give us. See you on the 26th and 27th of October in Bilbao."

   Learn more about Sewervac through their official website.

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