Measures for Coronavirus containment during the IX Conference on Odour Management

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covid measures   The health and well-being of our guests and colleagues is always our top priority. We strictly follow the measures that the Basque government have announced for people staying in the Basque Country, but what else are we doing to ensure a safe experience for you?

   The good news is that by the date of the 9th IWA and VOC conference the whole of the Spanish population will be vaccinated (1).  However, we have taken further actions to ensure you have a safe stay in Bilbao and to try to tackle coronavirus (COVID-19) issues during this event. Below you find the actions we have taken to provide you with a safe and comfortable experience on our conference. 

 Use of Masks

hall euskalduna during a fair   Except for some major events with several thousands of attendants, most of the events programmed in Spain are being carried out. We have known about these events, and we have learnt from them. At this stage, it is still required to wear a mask in indoor areas. This requirement may be lifted by the date of the conference. Please check this article regularly for updates on this issue.

   In this event we have a big hall and spaces for a good separation distance. Good news is that this hall has quick access to a cosy outdoor space for resting without the mask. You may remove your mask in the big area outdoor, provided that you keep a minimum 1.5 m separation distance. In the outdoor area, there is plenty of space to allow this setback distance for several hundreds of attendants.


 We ask you to bring a vaccination certificate such as the EU Digital Covid Certificate or a similar one as a proof that you have either 1) been vaccinated against COVID-19, 2) received a negative test result or 3) recovered from COVID-19.

   Unfortunately, at this stage we are not allowing people without this digital certificate, or similar proof to access this event. Please check this page regularly for more news about this.

   Other measures

  • Shaking hands and hugs will probably be allowed during this event. However, at this stage, physical contact should be avoided. Instead, we will welcome you the Japanese way: with a respectful bow.
  • In public areas stations,  tissues and disinfectants will be provided.
  • In case you are starting to get cold-like symptoms during the stay, please inform us.
  • Our team is available in the lobby for guidance and advice. 

This information will be updated regularly, please check this page to stay updated on issues related to the coronavirus safety measures. A dedicated project leader will be appointed to ensure we comply with all measures. Please contact us here for any doubt or question. 

Last revision: 30th of September 2021


(1) As of today, 77.10% of the Spanish population is fully vaccinated and 80% of the population received at least one dose. Our estimation is that except for around 2.5% of the population that, at this stage, do not wish to be vaccinated the whole population will be vaccinated by the 26th of October.


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