The very active Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand (CASANZ) organized an online webinar on the three new guidances that are about to be released on several aspects of odour management. These three guidances are being developed by EPA Victoria, Australia and on this occasion, the odour expert and EPA Victoria officer Chris Bydder was the one in charge of this talk. This interesting webinar took place last Wednesday, and it was attended by over 50 specialists and consultants in the field.

   Three very interesting guidelines related to odour management are about to be published by the EPA Victoria. A separation distance Guideline, a landfill buffer Guideline and a Guidance for Assessing odour. A couple of days ago, an informative session on these three guidelines took place. Mr Chris Bydder, a well-known odour expert and EPA Victoria officer, explained for 2 hours the different approaches taken to manage odour impact in very different situations.

   The fifth Iberian Robotics Conference will take place in Zaragoza, Spain, the 23-25 of November 2022. This time this conference brings a special session on Mobile Robot Olfaction. This widely multidisciplinary research area deals with a variety of problems such as chemical sensing, odour dispersion and environmental state estimation, optimal sampling, wide area searching, path planning, and machine learning.

   The special session on Mobile Robot Olfaction aims to provide a forum where the community working on mobile robot olfaction can present their latest achievements and discuss new ideas.

The National Odour Research And Management Institute (NORMI), is non-for profit NGO comprising of members who are working on odour research and management in India. This time, NORMI is launching an initiative inviting to submit short films for its ‘NORMI Short Film Competition–2022’. The competition aims at recognizing the creative efforts towards “Odour related Issues”.

   If you are interested in this topic, and you have some filming material that you would like to share, due date to submit any film is the 30th of April 2022. The film could be a documentary, dramatization of real or fictional stories or animation.


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