In this report, the state of the legislation related with environmental odours in the Netherlands is reviewed. It could be said that this is one of the most advanced legislation in the world in this field and its content could be of use for any other legislation about environmental odour emission. Several activities has been selected from the list of potential air-emitting activites in the Netherlands due to potential odour release emissions.

Montalban F.1
1. Faculty of Biology University of Seville.

 There is a wide range of legislative initiatives to deal with odour emission, however the approach taken by many countries differ in the scope or the field of control.

  In this section we would like to include all the initiatives taken by the countries to manage odour emission.



The following article describes and analyzes the current state of the legislation about odour management in Chile. In this manner, several legislative acts are revised including the Norm of Emision control of foul odours. This norm, came to front of the Chilean legislative board to control odour emission in paper pulp factories but it is not useful for other industries. In addition, the experiences in Chile related with the dynamic olfactometry and the German Norm VDI 3940 are described.


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