Three years of life of the International Environmental Society of Odour Managers (AMIGO )

AMIGO website   The International Environmental Association of Odour Managers, (AMIGO, for its acronym in Spanish) is today officially 3 years old. This is a very active organization with members of several countries dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of the importance of proper odour management.

   Thanks to the collaboration of more than 15 odour experts, and a few tens of reviewers, the AMIGO published last year a free basic Guideline about introduction to odour management (unfortunately only available in Spanish). This guideline has over 200 pages of information on techniques and tools for a better management of the odour impact. AMIGO has been involved in several other activities. Do you want to know more? Read on.

  This organization is participating in the European project H2020 D-NOSES. AMIGO is working with other 14 partners from 9 countries to work with odour impacted local communities to co-design citizen science interventions across 7 European and 3 non-European countries. In the D-NOSE initiative Citizens use innovative mapping tools to crowdsource data on odour issues and co-create ad-hoc solutions together with odour-emitting activities, CSOs, NGOs, local public authorities and academia.

   AMIGO is also participating in the first Standard on mapping odours by using citizen science that is being developed at this stage in Spain. Also, AMIGO is participating and providing support to the new International Guideline on the assessment of odour exposure by using dispersion modelling. 

  AMIGO is currently organizing a series of webinars every 2 weeks, in which several experts  of the group present different topics related to odour management.   They have already held 5 webinars (unfortunately all of them in Spanish), and there are many more to come. These webinars are offered free of cost, and they are broadcasted live through their YouTube channel.

   Yesterday, the 35th meeting was hold, as usual, online. These meetings are taking place every other month, and they are an excellent point for experts to keep updated on odour issues. If you want to stay tuned on their news, subscribe to their newsletter or contact the AMIGO here.

   Ambiente et Odora, owner of is a proud member of AMIGO, and we invite you to join in to work for a world with a bit better managed odour impacts.


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