A delegation of the Korean Environmental Ministry visits the AMIGO.

visit Korea environment   A delegation of the Environmental Ministry of South Korea visited last month the facilities of the Environmental International Association of Odour Managers AMIGO to know a bit more about the way odours are managed in other countries. This delegation presented also the way that odours are managed in the Korean legislation.

   Mr. Byung Churl Ko, Director of the Odour Management Department and Mr. Seunghun Lee, Associate Director of the same department of the public company Korea Environment Corporation (K-eco) paid a visit the 26th and 27th of June to the AMIGO facilities located in Bilbao, Spain.

   During this visit a couple of presentations were made about the history of the creation of the AMIGO, about the members of this organization and the recent projects carried on by its members, such as the D-NOSES project. In addition, several aspects about the situation of the odour legislation in some countries of the world were discussed.

   After this visit, Keco organized a 2 days conference on odour management with around 300 attendees.

   Source: AMIGO news.


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